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DCVC Victim Services

DCVC Mission Statement: To minimize the impact of crime in South Carolina by providing financial compensation to eligible crime victims and their families.

Am I Eligible?

Criteria Under DCVC’s Sexual Assault Program

The Department of Crime Victim Compensation (DCVC) is working in partnership with medical facilities, like Careteam Plus, in some areas of South Carolina to offer HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP- prevention medication) to victims of sexual assault, at no cost to the victim.

You may qualify if:

  • You have experienced sexual assault
  • The crime occurred in South Carolina
  • The crime occurred no more than 72 hours of the initial visit to the ED or medical facility
  • You were referred into the program by a Forensic Nurse Examiner, Emergency Department physician, or a medical provider at one of our partnering locations.
  • You were not confined in any correctional facility at the time of the crime or time of service

What is Covered

DCVC provides funding for HIV prevention medication, laboratory work, immunizations, and follow-up clinic visits.

  • A trained Forensic Examiner or medical provider preforms the screening for risk level of exposure during the initial ED or clinic visit
  • To ensure DCVC’s payment for services, a short application is completed during the first clinic visit

If You Sustained Physical or Psychological Injuries because of the Incident, You May Qualify for Additional Assistance Under DCVC’s Victim Compensation Program

DCVC Victim Compensation Program Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements to receive assistance with medical, counseling, dental and a few other crime related expenses are:

  • The crime must occur in South Carolina
  • The victim must sustain direct injury- (Physical or Psychological)
  • South Carolina law requires DCVC to consider contributory or illegal behavior when making eligibility determinations
  • The victim/claimant must cooperate with DCVC and Law Enforcement
  • The crime must be reported within 48 hours (may be waived for good cause)
  • The claim must be filled within 180 days (may be waived for good cause)
  • The claim must be filed within 4 years of the incident.  Upon good cause, the time for filing may be extended four years after a diagnosis of injury.

Initial Required Documentation

  • DCVC Crime Victim Compensation Application
  • If the sexual assault was reported to law enforcement, we will need a copy of the law enforcement incident report.  If the sexual assault was not reported [Anonymous Reporting] write “Anonymous” in section 4 on the application. 

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