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Careteam Honored with Angels Award

Myrtle Beach, SC Secretary Of State, Mark Hammond, announced today that Careteam, Inc. was one of only ten nonprofit organizations in South Carolina to be honored at the thirteenth annual “Angels Award” press conference. Careteam, Inc. ( was recognized for exemplifying charitable giving in South Carolina, particularly for devoting 95.8% of its program expenses to program activities.

“The Board of Directors and staff of Careteam are honored to be publically acknowledged by the public servants who monitor the effectiveness of charities,” said Keith E. Wyche, M.D., President of Careteam’s Board of Directors. “It takes a great team working diligently to ensure the best possible and most cost effective service. Our staff and Board work hard to ensure that our clients benefit from every dollar we receive. We are very proud to be receiving this prestigious award.”

Careteam’s compelling mission is to empower its community with the means to STOP the spread of HIV through Prevention, Education, Treatment and Support. To this end, Careteam has two primary goals, 1) to provide access to medical care and treatment for people living with HIV in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties and 2) to provide free and confidential HIV testing and awareness education to those at risk for HIV disease. Last year, Careteam provided medical care and treatment for 500 people for less than $2,000 per person. “While eighty-six percent (86%) of Careteam’s $1 M budget comes from federal grants, this funding is not sufficient to ensure that everyone who needs medical treatment and support receives it,” said Johanna Haynes, Careteam’s CEO. “We depend on community support from individuals and private foundations to fill the gaps of insufficient federal funding.”

“Everyone is feeling the economic crunch today,” added Haynes. “Careteam expects budget cuts this year along with everyone else. We know there are many very deserving charities in our community who need financial support. We appreciate when donors choose Careteam and we don’t take it for granted. That is why we work hard to be good stewards of all contributions made to our organization.”

Since 1994, Careteam, Inc. has been the only organization providing services in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties to people living with HIV who have no other payment source for HIV health care. In addition to serving 500 HIV+ individuals last year, Careteam also provided testing services to over 500 individuals. “The biggest challenge we face is raising awareness about who is at risk for HIV infection,” noted Haynes. “Most people still consider HIV a gay man’s disease. Over half of our new infections are people who are heterosexual. Their biggest risk factor is, believing that they are not at risk. You don’t have to be drug addicted or promiscuous to be infected. It only takes one encounter.”

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