National Women’s Health Week

It’s National Women’s Health Week. This week is devoted to reminding women to make their health a priority.  Below is a list of resources provided by that can help you gather insight into where you are in terms of health knowledge and what you can be doing to stay healthy. General Women’s Health: Quiz: What’s […]

What to Expect When You Stop ‘The Pill’

What to Expect When You Stop ‘The Pill’ Despite the development of contraceptives over the years, the most popular form of birth control remains “the pill.” Some form of the birth control pill is used by roughly 16 percent of all women who use contraceptives. The birth control pill has a number of benefits other […]

What Is An Abnormal Test Result?

What Is An Abnormal Test Result? It’s Friday evening. You look down at your phone to discover you have a missed call. The voice recording is a nurse from your doctor’s office saying your test results were “abnormal” and the doctor would like to schedule a follow-up visit. You panic. It’s 5:30 and the office […]